an interactive exploration of computer generated speech


The babbletron is an interactive device that lets participants explore how computer generated speech works. The device contains buttons that when pressed play each of the 58 common vocal framents of speech ( called phonemes ). A simple recorder can be used to create sequences of phonemes to construct words and phrases and play them back repeaatedly to investigate how the phonemes can be constructed to create artificial speech.

The device consists if an Arduino microcontroller, a GinSing voice synthesizer shield, an 8x8 LED matrix display, a 64 button mux controller, and and expression pedeal. During construction and playback the GinSing is used to synthesize the phonemes while the LED display shows a simple face animation that mimics the mouth shape. The expression pedal can be used to change the pitch of the voice to give it a pitch variation in a musical scale.




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maker faire 2013