raspberry pi + dmx


The DMXWheel project is an investigation into the Raspberry Pi and the native windowing environment that comes with the standard distribution. The purpose of the project is to use the Pi and its GUI to control something in the real world; in this case a DMX controlled light fixture.

The Raspian Wheezy distribution on the Raspberry Pi website  lets you take the $35 ARM processor and magically turn it into a fully functional Linux box, and not only that, work in an HD resultion desktop. This project uses the gtk widget set built into the LXDE window manager to talk to a USB / DMX converter box.

More details about this projects can be found at the instructable link below.





  • libusb-dev ( apt-get install libusb-dev)
  • gtk+3.0 ( apt-get install gtk+3.0)
  • dmxlib.a ( DXMWheel/dmx/lib )
  • dmxd.bin ( DMXWheel/dmx/deamon )
  • DMXWheel.bin ( DMXWheel/bin )



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